Monday 6 February 2017

An Introduction!

Well, I've finally taken the plunge and created my blog space to write about my crafty creations, my cat breeding activities and anything else which I feel the need to express!
 I am working on several craft projects at the moment; making a Valentine card for my lovely hubby, experimenting with some recently purchased stamps by Chocolate Baroque (a wonderful company which I've recently discovered) and a mixed media art journal. Id love to be able to spend more time in my crafty studio but my nannie 'duties' mean that I have to grab the opportunity as and when I can! I'll be posting some photos of my creations in my next blog.
As far as my cat breeding activities go, my breeding queen, Roxy, gave birth to her first litter 10 days ago. She had 4 kittens - all healthy and developing fast. They have now opened their eyes and are trying to explore their nest, albeit on very weak and unsteady legs! It won't be long before they're running around creating beautiful havoc! No doubt, there will be many photos of them and more about my 7 beautiful cats in future blogs!
Anyway, its rather late and I must get some sleep! I'll be posting again tomorrow - or is that today?!!!!

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