Friday 10 February 2017

Art, kittens and a funeral!

Ah well! I didn't mean to leave it this long before posting another blog but hey ho better late than never!
Since my last post I've finished the card I was working on and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it and I hope Johnny loves it! I won't post it on here as it's his Valentine card so probably better to keep it secret for now! I have also finished two pages in my art journal - a watercolor scene featuring a kingfisher and a piece with two 'tiles' I created using mountboard, a stamp, coloured pencils then triple embossed with ultra thick embossing powder and watercolour background which was covered in glitter . I'm pleased with both but as usual I find myself looking critically at them and feeling that there could be improvements! I guess that's the lot of any artist!

I've been pretty busy also with nannie duties! I managed to take both the youngest grandchildren to visit my mum (their great grandmother). She loves to see the growing family but her dementia means she can't quite understand that I'm not their mother! It's pointless trying to explain - I'll just take it as a compliment in that I obviously don't look my age!!

I have also visited two of the last litter of kittens in their new home this week. It was lovely to see how they've grown and are so comfortable and happy. Its always hard to say goodbye to them as they become part of my family for 14 weeks but it's all worthwhile when everything works out well and they are making someone else very happy!

Today John, my daughter Zoe and I attended the funeral of a friend. He was such a lovely, kind and gentle man - so sad that he was taken from this world too early. He lived his life to the utmost and encouraged his children and others to do as much as possible, to get as much out of life as possible and to never stop looking for new challenges. I shall endeavor to follow his ideals. It was an emotional day but also one of great warmth and happiness as we all remembered and celebrated his life. Rest in peace Percy Piper.

On that note I feel its time to close this blog. It wont be as long between this and the next, I promise!

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