Monday 13 March 2017

A little bit of not a lot!

Bang goes my promise to myself to write something at least every 3 or 4 days! I think its been at least three weeks since the last post! However, better late than never and I do have the feeble excuse that I've been very busy during the day and knackered in the evening!
So what have I been up to you might ask? Well, lots of babysitting which tends to cramp my crafty exploits which are a few grabbed hours when the house is quiet! I have also been tending to the lovely kittens which haven't been so lovely with the diarrhea they've had! Good job some anti biotics have sorted that  unpleasantness!
We've also had  visiting female cats to keep Rudi busy - some more successfully than others! He's experienced some very angry exchanges but he does need to 'man up' if he's to become a successful stud boy! Bless him!
Now to the craft side of my life - I have experimented with Tim Holtz alcohol inks and created a fairy scene using Lavinia Stamps which I am quite pleased with as a first attempt.
 I have made a beautiful birthday number plaque using an Anna Marie set and papers for my daughter's mother in law , a diamond top birthday card for my youngest daughter and a twist and pop Mothers Day card for my 92 yr old mum! I also had a go at papercutting hence the Crazy Cat Lady pic (Paper Panda design)! I'm currently in the process of making a printers tray booklet just for the hell of it! 
My newest craft purchase is a silk screen printing device. I've unpacked it, bought some material to use -  now I've just got to have a go! If only I could find the time!

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